Tyltgo’s same-day delivery platform lets small businesses compete with Amazon

Tyltgo’s same-day delivery platform lets small businesses compete with Amazon

Tyltgo wants to make it easier for restaurants and small businesses to compete with the day-to-day delivery services offered, such as Amazon and HelloFresh.

The Canadian company, which recently raised CAD $2.3 million (US $1.8 million) in seed rains, similar to a white label Uber Eats, provides businesses with an on-demand delivery platform under their own branding that connects them to Jig Economy Couriers. Co-founder and CEO Jaden Pereira told TechCrunch, “I think of us as an experienced company after shopping. “Recipients go directly to the merchant’s platform and place orders through them, so it looks like they are communicating with the brand they bought through the whole experience. Our messages, notifications, tracking pages and deliveries all customized under the merchant’s brand name but powered by Tyltgo.”

Combined with the huge reach of e-commerce giants like Amazon, the need to deliver products during the epidemic’s shelter-to-place order has created a society that expects same-day delivery. Tyltgo recognizes the exclusive nature of that reality in small businesses with less time and less resources and is ready to fix the situation with some innovative technology and gig economy courier. In July 2018, 22-year-old Pereira co-founded the company with colleague and developer Aaron Paul while studying at the University of Waterloo. Pereira originally delivered himself as a side hustle when creating customer-facing service in the shop.

In October 2019, Pereira and Paul shifted the focus to B2B, identifying the real problem as traders struggled to deliver on the same day at affordable prices. From December 2019 to December 2020, Tyltgo’s earnings increased 2000%, Pereira says. The company started 2020 with two staff members and ended with nine, including Joe Rhew, former head of operations for Uber its Canadian Market, and Adnan Ali, an engineer at Goldman Sachs-acquired Financeit.

With funding from VC firm TI Platform Management, Y Combinator and angel investor Charles Songhurst, Tyltgo is working on another 1,500% revenue generation project for 2021. The company’s goal is to expand its team, develop an API and app-based platform, and add 100 more merchants across Ontario. Pereira said Tyltgo is primarily a florist, and occasionally focuses on pharmacy, but the restaurant industry’s demand brings the company’s new target – the distribution of food kits.