Use of Infrared Radiation (IR) in Medical Science

Use of Infrared Radiation (IR) in medical science:

For determination of cancer: For all types of cancer, general cell of body increases irregularly. Temperature increases in the cancer attacked place for increasing rate of metabolism. In this condition imaging can be obtain of the cancer attacted place. Cancer attacted image is different from normal. So, cancer can be detected.

For determination of brain diseases: Measuring amount of oxygen in the hemoglobin of the blood by NIR brain diseases can be detected.

For stroke treatment: For treatment of stroke attacked patient, if MR ray is used, near feedback is occurred. For this sickness is cured. Here generally, ray of 700 — 900 wavelength is used. It is safe

In physiotherapy: In present a popular treatment without using any medicine for pain of different parts of the body, harden muscle, frozen shoulder is different kinds of physical exercise. This process is Sled physiotherapy. Applying IR ray in the attacked place, then it is messaged, consequently blood circulation increases and pain is reduced.

In medical diagnosis process: Using IR imaging technology, gout, diabetic, broken bone, liver sickness, and bactorial inflammation can determined.