Describe Limitation of Bohr’s Model

Limitation of Bohr’s model:

  1. Bohr’s model of an atom could not explain the line spectra of atoms containing more than one electron called multi-electron atoms. According to Bohr’s theory, one and only one spectral line can originate from an electron between any two given energy level. But if a powerful spectroscopy is used, certain single lines are found to split into a number of very closely related lines. The existence of such line could not be explained on the basis of Bohr’s theory.
  2. Bohr’s theory failed to account for the effect of magnetic field on the spectra of atoms or ions it was observed that when the atom emitting radiations are placed in a strong magnetic field each spectral line is further split into a number of lines.
  3. Bohr’s theory could not explain the effect of the electric field known as spark effect on the spectra of atoms.
  4. Bohr’s theory does not provide any clue to explain the shapes of molecule arising out of the directional bonding between atoms.
  5. According to Bohr’s model, position and momentum of every electron are definite and can be determined easily. But according to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, it is impossible to know both the exact position and momentum of an electron at the same time.