Use of some polymers

Use of some Polymers :

i. Polythene : To produce plastic bag, toys, small pots, furniture, kitchen wares like food box, bowl, glass, mug, bucket etc.

ii. Polypropene : It is harder than polythene and is the lightest polymer plastic. It is used to make thick rope, carpet, bottle, pipe etc.

iii. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) : It is harder and is used in carpeting floor, production of plastic syringe, tannery industries, production of hardware, water pipe, artificial leather, production of raincoat, gramophone record etc. It is also used widely in building constuctions.

iv. Polystyrene : Used in packaging, plates, raw materials of foam, cosmetic bottles, television cabinet, artificial rubber, toys etc.

v. Teflon :

  • Very hard plastic.
  • Insulator for heat and electricity.
  • Used in production of non-sticky cooking pan, electric insulator, rope for ship etc.

vi. PVA :

  • PVA is more flexible than PVC.
  • Used for the production of  gramophone record, emulsion paint etc.

vii. Perspex / Plexiglass : 

  • It is an alternative of glass as it is very transparent.
  • Used as lens.
  • For the preparation of window glass.

viii. Orlon / Acrilan : In preparation of acrilic fiber.

ix. Polyterethalate : It is a fibrous polymer which is used for the production of dresses.

x. Nylon 66 :

  • It is a fibrous synthetic polyamide.
  • Used as a raw material for the production of synthetic fibers.