Uses of Nickel

Nickel (Ni) is used,

1) In a finely divided form (known as raney nickel) as a catalyst in the hydrogenation of oils and fats.
2) It is used for making crucibles and laboratory apparatus.
3) Nickel is used for electroplating.
4) It is used for making special alloys, such as the following:

  • Nichrome – Ni (60%), Fe (25%), Cr (15%), used for resistance heaters.
  • German silver – Cu (60%), Ni (20%), Zn (25%), used for cutlery and household utensils.
  • Monel metal – Cu (60%), Ni (40%), used for both industrial and household wares.
  • Inver – Ni (35%), steel, used for pendulums of clocks.
  • Alnico – (Al-Ni-Co-Fe alloy) and other alloys of special use.