Various types of Small-scale Industries

Various types of Small-scale Industries

Generally, the industry is the process of producing something. And, Small scale industry is an industry that is independently owned and operated and is not dominant in its field of operation. Such units are generally under single ownership.

Small-scale industries can be classified into five main types as follows:

(1) Manufacturing industries: Manufacturing industries are the industries producing complete articles for direct consumption and also processing industries. For example Powerlooms, engineering industries, coin industries, garments industries, food processing industries etc.

(2) Feeder industries: Feeder industries are specializing in certain types, of products and services, e.g. casting, welding etc.

(3) Serving industries: Serving industries covering light, repair, and shops necessary to maintain mechanical equipment. These industries are essentially machine based.

(4) Ancillary industries: The industries which are producing parts and components and rendering services to large industries are called as ancillary industries. Ancillary to large industries producing parts and components and rendering services.

(5) Mining or quarrying: These industries are involved in mining and quarrying natural resources.

So, these are the various types of Small-scale industries.