AI camera destroys soccer game for supporters after referee’s bald head mistake for the ball

AI camera destroys soccer game for supporters after referee’s bald head mistake for the ball
Technology and sports already have a fairly mixed relationship. Log in to Twitter during a football match (or football is aptly known) as well as people tweet vague statements like “YESSS” and “Oh no mate” in about 20,000 unspeakable retweets, you will see a lot of complaints about Video Assistant Referee (VAR) and occasional target-line technology not working.

The club announced a few weeks ago that it was running on cameras controlled by AI using human camera operators. The club then proudly announced that the new “Pixellot system uses built-in cameras, AI, ball-tracking technology” and will be used to capture HD footage of all home matches at the Caledonian Stadium, which will be broadcast live to the home of season-two ticket holders.

Fans of the Scottish football team’s Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC experienced a new hilarious technical glitch during a match last weekend, but with all honesty, you will be hard-pressed to say that the viewing experience has not improved dramatically. Last Saturday’s cut, when robot cameras were given a new challenge that hadn’t been seen before: a linesman with a bald head.

Many spectators complained that they missed their team to score a goal because the camera thought Leno Tuck’s head was a ball, and some even suggested that the club would provide a lineman with a hat. The AI ​​camera miscalculated the man’s bald head for many balls in the match, repeatedly swinging backwards to follow the lineman instead of the original game.

Failure to allow any fans into the stadium due to the Covid-19 restrictions, Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC and their rival Ayr United fans could only see through the cameras, Most of the time the lineman’s head was treated instead of an exciting moment in an off-camera match, although some fans saw it as a bonus due to the normal quality of the performance.

You can practically hear its thought process: Ball ball bald head have a bald head, zoom in bald head. As you can see from the highlight reel above, the AI-guided camera consistently follows the linesman’s head, especially as the fighting ball fights down to the ground beneath it. Object recognition technology can do this a little bit more clearly through tweets; otherwise, the team will actually have to apply the principle of the bald referee so that they are forced to wear a sombrero to separate themselves from the ball.