Bill Gates Responds To the Pandemic Conspiracy Theories about Him

Bill Gates Responds To the Pandemic Conspiracy Theories about Him

Waking up, getting a glimpse of the internet and people discovering that your benevolent efforts to vaccinate the world are actually an attempt to track those using microchips microchips Good, bizarre, you just portrayed the life of Bill Gates. Microsoft co-founders have been the subject of a variety of conspiracy theories during the COVID-19 epidemic, including the one above.

Even those who claim that they have schematics for “vaccine implants” – if you look closely and see what you are talking about, you will recognize it as the planner of the guitar paddle.  Then there are those who mistakenly believe that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation filed a patent for COVID-19 in 2015. In fact, coronavirus is a family of viruses (of which stork is a notable example), and the patent was for a possible vaccine that could be used to treat respiratory diseases in birds.

This must be tiring for Gates, who, through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – has so far contributed $250 million to the development of COVID-19 vaccines as part of a total of $ 680 million to slow the epidemic, distributing vaccines to the poor and treating diseases. . He has so far been silent on the matter, although he has now joined the cause in an interview with Reuters.

“Do people really believe?” Gates asked, adding that we need to learn from it. “We really need to be educated about this over the next year and understand […] how it changes people’s behavior and how we should reduce it?”

Vaccine dilemma can be a significant challenge as vaccines continue to roll out in the United States and around the world. A recent study found that more than a third of people in the United States have the chance to have a vision or dilemma of the Cavid-19 when given the opportunity.

Gates is mainly shocked as part of the conspiracy. “No one could have predicted that I and Dr. Fawcett would be so prominent in these true evil theories,” Gates told Reuters. “I am just happy to be free. I hope it goes away. “