Comparison between Education and Training

Comparison between Education and Training

Comparison between Education and Training

Training and education are both different facets of learning. At first, it may be difficult to tell the difference between them, especially in today’s school system, but there are major differences in training and education as follows.

Training is the set of organized activities aimed at imparting information and or instructions to improve the recipient’s performance or to help him or her attain a required level of knowledge and skill then the organized activities are known as training.


  • Purpose of the Learning Experience: Acquire or deepen mindset or profession.
  • Difficulty to Learn: Harder.
  • Persistence of the Learning: Lasts a lifetime.
  • Institutions providing the learning: Colleges and Universities.
  • Change: Skillful at thinking, transformational, deeper, and more radical.
  • Methodology: Education is a lifelong process. Most educational learning is done through real books, rather than textbooks.
  • Examples: College courses and degree programs


  • Purpose of the Learning Experience: Acquire new skill and knowledge.
  • Difficulty to Learn: Easier.
  • Persistence of the Learning: Short half-life, five years on average.
  • Institutions providing the learning: In-house seminars, training complies, sell taught.
  • Change: Skillful at doing, Shallower, more superficial.
  • Methodology: Training is usually done through specialized courses and textbooks.
  • Examples: Training seminars, job training etc.

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