Characteristics of Management Information System

Characteristics of Management Information System

Management information system is an organized combination of people hardware, software, communication network and data resources that collect transforms and disseminates information in an organization. MIS provides the required information to the managers by systematically processing massive data generated in an organization. It is the study of people, technology, and organizations.

Characteristics of management information system MIS):

The characteristics of the management information system (MIS) are as follows –

  1. Management information system (MIS) supports structured and semi-structured decision at the operational and management controlled level.
  2. MIS generally reporting and control oriented. They are designed to report on existing operation, and thereof to help provided day to day control of the operation.
  3. MIS generally aid in decision making past and present data.
  4. MIS meets the requirement of the management in the organization.
  5. MIS provides a prompt flow of information to the manager.
  6. It is avail in promoting both the quantitative and qualitative.
  7. It provides easy access to both the internal user as well as an external user.
  8. MIS provides the manager with correct, clear and meaningful information to the user.