Contents of Minutes in Business Meeting

Contents of Minutes in Business Meeting

Contents of Minutes

Minute is an official written statement of the motions and resolutions taken in a meeting. It is brief but a complete record of all discussions held among the members of the meeting. It is also defined as the official record of the proceeding of a meeting that should be needed to approve by the participating members of the meeting.

Contents of minutes depend on the type of meeting. However, every minute is likely to contain the following-general contents:

  • Date, time and place of the meeting;
  • Type of meeting;
  • Chairman of the meeting;
  • Participants of the meeting;
  • Approval or corrections of the previous meeting;
  • Reports of officers and committees;
  • Action on unfinished business from a previous meeting;
  • Transaction of new business, including motions and resolutions;
  • Appointment of committees;
  • Election of officers;
  • Adjournment;
  • Vote of thanks;
  • Signature of the chairman of the meeting.