Elements or Contents of E-mail

Elements or Contents of E-mail

Elements or Contents of E-mail

Electronic mail is the transfer of written message from one computer to another via Internet. Exchanging messages through e-mail requires a computer, modem and intend connection. It also requires specific e-mail address of both sender and receiver. Having all these essentials, a person can send e-mail message. A typical e-mail message has the following six elements:

To: Here the email address of the recipient is placed.

Cc: Cc stands for ‘courtesy copy’. If the message is to be received by someone other than the prime recipient, his/her address is written within the caption Cc. This simply means that the same message will be sent to the persons listed as carbon copy recipient.

Bcc: This stands for ‘blind courtesy copy’. The recipient’s message will not show this information. That is, the recipient will not know who else is receiving a copy of the message.

Subject: This line gives a brief representing name of the message. This name is displayed in the mailbox /message box of the recipient. From this name, the reader gets an idea about the message and the sender of the message.

Attachments: If the sender wants to attach a file or document along with the message, the file name is put in the attachment area.

Message: Message contains the information that the sender wants to communicate. It is the main body of the e-mail. In this section, the sender can give the detail information or can simply mention the attachments attached with the mail.