Why is Cycas Called a Living Fossil?

Why is Cycas Called a Living Fossil?

The Cycas plants of the present time, once dominated comprehensively, creating forests in primitive time. Besides, the different species of Cycas at present have been bearing the similar primitive characteristics of fossil plants. Therefore Cycas is called a living fossil.


“Living fossil” is a term for species alive today that has been unchanged for millions of years. Cycas Called a Living Fossil because, Cycads are one of the oldest forms of plant life; they were here long, long before dinosaurs stomped the Earth and have remained basically unaffected. If you look at, touch and smell a cycad, you are touching something that has been around when animals were only first beginning to arrive on land.

When a plant changes miniature apart from in size over 300 million years, it has already reached its high point of evolution. As the world’s climate changed over millions of years they step by step adapted by reducing their overall size to better amend to a drier world. It already developed this toughness in the time of dinosaurs, but unlike the great reptiles that could not adapt to impressive changes, certain plants took it all in stride. The cycad, a living fossil, is the definitive plant for a shifting climate.