Discuss the Reproduction of Semibarbula or Moss

Reproduction of moss/ Semibarbula:

Three different types of reproductions are found in moss

(I) Vegetative reproduction

(II) Sexual reproduction &

(III) Asexual reproduction

Vegetative reproduction:

  1. One to many cells of the main axis of the plant may be modified to form “Brute bodies”. Brute bodies germinate to form protonema or rhizoids. Protonema eventually turns into a moss plant.
  2. Often, secondary protonema may be formed from stem, leaf or rhizoid. This protonema ultimately turns into a gametophore.

Sexual Reproduction:

Moss plant is garnetophytic, i.e. haploid. They are heterothallic, i.e. male and female plants are different.


Reproductive organs of moss:

Position: The reproductive organs (male & female) of moss plants develop in a group from the tip of the gametophores and are surrounded by perigonial leaves.

Names: The male and female reproductive organs of moss are known as Antheridium and Archegonium respectively.

Types of reproduction: The union between motile male gamete and static female gamete is known as oogamous type of reproduction.