Mention the Roles of Tissue Culture in Plant Reproduction.

Using different techniques of tissue culture technology we have achieve a lot of success. Applications and their successes and some tissue culture techniques are described below:

Producing plenty of saplings and seeds: In some cases plants don’t produce seeds normally or do not produce sufficient saplings. Tissue culture method can be successfully applied in this field to produce plenty of seeds and saplings.

Fusion of protoplast in the production of hybrid plants: By applying these method two somatic cells of two plants of different species can be fused together to produce a new plant, having new characteristics.

Producing haploid plants: In the field of artificial reproduction, production of haploid plants or homozygous lines is very important.

In the field of plant conservation: In order to save the rare an endangered plants from extinction, now a days, tissue culture, e.g. micro propagation technology is being used successfully.

Producing disease free saplings: Another technique of tissue culture technology is meristem culture. The young and growing tissue present in the apical bud is known as Meristem. By making culture of this meristematic tissue disease free plants can be produced. Example: Tomato, Bean etc.