Discuss the prospect of Business in Bangladesh

There is a big prospect of business in Bangladesh as the country is full of natural resources and labor. As the element of production is available in this country so the prospect of business in Bangladesh is very high. The factors for which the prospect of business in Bangladesh is high are described below:

  1. Natural resources: There is storage of natural gas, minerals, coals and others in different part of the country. So an industry can be created to extract this resources and the business of whole country can be benefited by using this resources in cheap cost.
  2. Man power: In Bangladesh there is a huge active man power, like China. Bangladesh has a high prospect to develop this country by utilizing this labor property. As a result the foreigners are very interested to invest in Bangladesh.
  3. Availability of materials in cheap cost: The materials of the industries are readily available in cheap cost. So the industries need not to go abroad to collect their materials.
  4. Huge customers: In this country different customers of different earning stage are ready to buy their demanded goods. Here all kinds of customers of different demanded qualities at different price are available.
  5. Availability of production facilities: There is a good facility of production as the country is full of river. So many industries are situated in the bank of river.