Effect of Light and Temperature on Plant Growth and Yield

We know all the fruit yielding plants like Aam, Jaam, and Boroi etc. plants are planted at almost every home in Bangladesh. It will be seen if you observe carefully that all the plants do not flower in the same time. Mango tree flowers in winter and its fruits ripe in summer. But Boroi flowers in autumn and fruit ripe in winter. Let we have another example. Bean is a winter vegetable. Cultivated almost at every home in Bangladesh. Its seeds are sown in rainy season and the plant flowers in winter. At the end of winter its flowering stops and in the next winter after the year it flowers again.


We know the length of daytime is short (long night period) is winter in Bangladesh and in summer and rainy season length of the day is longer (Night time shorter) A short day time is required to product flower in bean plants. So it flowers in winter. As the daytime is longer in summer so bean plants do not bloom in summer. Therefore it is observed that in Bean plants vegetative growth takes place in longer day period and in shorter day period it flowers i.e starts yielding. Thus it is understand that in growth and development of plant (Bean is only one example), there is influence of light.