Limitations of Communication Model

Limitations of Communication Model

Limitations of Communication Model

Though communication model is useful in a variety of ways, it is not free from limitations. The limitations of using communication model are as follows:

Rigidity: Communication model is rigid in nature. Communication is an ever changing process. So the ever changing process of communication cannot always be presented in a rigid model.

Non-inclusion of some aspects: In a communication model, only the important aspects of communication process are included and less important aspects are ignored. But in some cases these unimportant aspects become important.

Lack of detailed explanation: Communication model represents the communication process through symbols. Elaborate explanation is not always available in the communication model

Non-availability of experts: Another limitation in developing a communication model is that expert hands are not always available. As a result, development of time befitting model is difficult.

Requirement of Skilled Manpower: The development of communication model requires skilled manpower. Such manpower may not be available always.

May not be cost effective: Formulation of communication model for transmitting message requires a lot of valuable time. But the benefits may be less from the cost of application of such model.