What do you mean by Medicinal Plants?

A large number of life protecting medicines are manufactured from medicinal plants. So, the importance of medicinal plants in human life, knows no bound. The qualities of medicinal paints depend mainly, on the alkaloid present in the medicinal plants. Alkaloids are nitrogenous biochemical substances present in medicinal plants. These alkaloids may cause or heal diseases in human bodies.


Examples of some Medicinal Plants:

1) The name of medicinal plant- Basak

Scientific name: Adhatoda vasica

Used part: The juice of fresh leases.

Uses: Cough, bronchitis, asthma and intestinal troubles.

2) The name of medicinal plant- Kalo megh

Scientific name: Andrographis paniculata

Used part: Whole plant specially leaves

Uses: The juice of the fresh leases is used as medicine for diarrhea an hepatic disease,

3) The name of medicinal plant- Sarpa gandha

Scientific name:  Rauvolfia serpentina

Used part: Bark of root.

Uses: It is used in the treatment of high Blood pressure.