Metaphase Stage of Meiosis in Plants

Metaphase Stage of Meiosis in Plants

Metaphase stage of Meiosis in Plants

Metaphase is a new formation, the spindle fibres, appears in the cytoplasm, which chemically, consists of extended sequence protein molecules oriented longitudinally between two poles. The homologous chromosomes which are joined through the chiasmata become oriented on the spindle, with the centromeres of each chromosomes lying towards poles but the ends of chromosomes towards the equatorial plate.

This is a very transitory phase. In this phase the following changes are noticed.

  • All the chromosomes take their positions on the equatorial plane of the spindle apparatus.
  • Centromeres are attached with the traction fibres.
  • At this stage, the chromosomes are shortest and thickest
  • Towards the end of the stage each centromere is completely divided into two daughter centromeres and each of them facing towards pole respectively.
  • The chromosomes move again to the equatorial plane between the poles. However, this plane is oriented perpendicularly with respect to the previous one of meiosis I.