Nvidia Adds AI Capability to Its Mid-Range Video Game Processor

Nvidia Adds AI Capability to Its Mid-Range Video Game Processor

12 April (Reuters) In spite of the gaming segment’s declining revenue, Nvidia Corp (NVDA.O) said on Wednesday that it is incorporating additional artificial intelligence technologies into one of its mid-range gaming processors to enhance visuals.

Nvidia will begin distributing the new RTX 4070 processor on Thursday for $599, which places it in the center of the company’s lineup of graphics processing units (GPUs), which retail for up to $1,600.

According to poll results from the game distribution service Steam in March, the RTX 3060, the chip it updates, is the fourth most popular gaming chip on the market.

While Nvidia’s data center chips for training ChatGPT and other AI systems have fueled the company’s revenue growth in recent years, gaming chips still accounted for about a third of the company’s $26.9 billion in fiscal 2023 revenue, despite a 27% decline in gaming sales due to a declining PC market as a whole.

Nvidia Adds AI Capability to Its Mid-Range Video Game Processor

Nvidia’s GPUs speed up the process by which visuals from PC video games are rendered into high-resolution displays, giving games a more lifelike appearance. The 4070 processors will be the least expensive option that does this using Nvidia’s most recent AI capabilities.

The most recent Nvidia gaming processors employ artificial intelligence to estimate what around seven out of every eight pixels should be, including producing full frames using AI, rather than having to compute precisely what the value of each pixel on a screen should be, which can take additional time.

A game “does not have everything pre-recorded as a movie does. It moves, is dynamic, and accepts human input. I cannot just place a frame in the middle of two other frames. I have to thoroughly comprehend how the two frames go past one another. According to Justin Walker, senior director of GeForce products at Nvidia.