People Are Trying To Pay For A Flat-Earther To Go To Space

People Are Trying To Pay For A Flat-Earther To Go To Space

Despite having many, many pictures of the earth taken from space and all the other evidence, we have an earth (because it called individually); there are people who are not just believers. 

When these photographs presented, flat-ground people believe that they were photoshopped by NASA for purposes that are not entirely clear (after all, what good is it for someone to pretend the Earth is a different size). One person has come up with a solution and is trying to raise money for it. Mark Gould wants to send flat-soil into space so everyone can report to them what they saw. The goal of the crowdfunder at GoFundMe is to raise enough money to secure tickets as one of the first people to fly a commercial aircraft in space.

People Are Trying To Pay For A Flat-Earther To Go To Space

“This expedition is to prove once and for all the plains around the world in favor of flat land,” Gould wrote to the crowd. It currently costs $250,000 to secure a seat on a Virgin Galactic flight to enter Earth orbit. It may seem like a waste of money – as our resident astrophysicist physicist Dr. Alfredo Carpineti put it “f ***”, why would go into space?”- The organizers hope that the people of the flat-land will shake the flour themselves.

“If the people of the plains really want to prove a flat earth, I would expect the most donations from the plains community to come. The first flight planned for this year but will bring back due to a secret epidemic in a few years.”

Money should raise (and let us face it, probably not) the organizer says he will allow access to high-profile flat-ground spaces. This lucky person will win the chance to known as NASA Shill in the flat-ground community when he comes back and says, “Yes ok it’s a globe”. According to Metro, Gould has already contacted Elon Musk and Richard Branson about buying a slot on the rocket, as the tongue in cheek looks like.

“Please let it be as it is in the name of science and it will ultimately deny or prove the flat theory and in the end, we can put it to rest,” he wrote. “I am 100% serious about it and your contribution will be appreciated and will help close the completely unsupported scientific approach to true progress.” It probably will not convince them, though how they have not convinced by anything else so far, that it would be at least safer than trying to build their own rocket or travel to the ends of the earth.