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Reckless Driving

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is very dangerous. It means driving a motor vehicle or an automobile in a dangerous manner with obeying any traffic law. It is the main cause of the accident. In our country drivers of motor vehicles such as bus, truck, taxi, etc. area willing to obey the traffic rules. It takes away the valuable lives of man. A reckless driver does not obey traffic rules. They want to drive the vehicle at their sweet will. He does not think about other vehicles and pedestrians on the road. They also have overtaking tendencies. As a result, they drive recklessly.

Common causes of a reckless driving accident include:

  • Tailgating, or driving too close to the car in front of them.
  • Failing to stop at red lights or stop signs.
  • Driving too fast or exceeding the speed limit.
  • Braking suddenly.
  • Not using turn signals when changing lanes or turning.
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Failing to use headlights at night or in the rain.
  • Making illegal turns or lane changes.

Reckless driving is the major cause of road accident and 70 percent of people died by road accidents because of this reason. Each of these is illegal and makes the driver subject to fines, jail time, community service, and more. This problem has become so acute now day traffic rules and regulations should be imposed strictly. This is the only means by which we can ensure the stoppage of reckless driving. Fortunately, a reckless driving accident can be prevented. By knowing reckless driving accident causes and following a few safety tips, drivers can keep themselves – and other drivers on the road – safe from harm.

Most reckless driving accidents can be prevented, simply by driving safely and per the rules of the road. Some safety tips to prevent and avoid an accident include:

  • Always steer clear of any cars or drivers that look dangerous.
  • Report dangerous drivers.
  • Always wear your seat belt and encourage your passengers to do the same.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.
  • Never drive distracted.
  • Be aware. Always be alert and aware when you’re behind the wheel.

Reckless driving on roads must be stopped. Drivers must be well trained. Usually, they are unskilled, ignorant of traffic rules. Those who drive recklessly must be brought to book. Never drive tired or under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Traffic police must be alert. From smooth communication on roads, reckless driving must be avoided. You need to be ready to respond to the conditions of the road and the drivers around you in order to prevent accidents. Careful driving can ensure smooth traveling.