RØDE Built Their First-Ever Headphones for Those Who Know Comfort Is King (As Well As Sound Quality)

RØDE Built Their First-Ever Headphones for Those Who Know Comfort Is King (As Well As Sound Quality)

Tech buyers are notoriously difficult to please. While many people are switching to wireless earbuds for their basic on-the-go music demands, producers and real sound enthusiasts aren’t ready to settle for anything less than perfect sound reproduction. Longtime audiophiles to those who work in the sound industry, such as artists, audio engineers, podcasters, and others, headphones with excellent sound demand far more than a basic set of earbuds can provide. RDE is fully aware of the requirements of sound specialists. Since the 1960s, Australian manufacturers of microphones and other recording equipment have established themselves as one of the most reputable brands in the industry.

However, as RDE widens its domain to claim a piece of the booming podcasting and streaming audio sectors, it has also expanded its product range, introducing the NTH-100 headphones, the company’s first try at headphones under the Rde moniker. And, as one might expect from a corporation of RDE’s repute, it didn’t just get into headphones on the spur of the moment. Instead, the NTH-100s treat headphone audio with the same seriousness as its microphones, delivering excellent clarity and a highly detailed depiction of the audio. It optimizes the presentation of your source audio with the NTH-100’s custom-matched drivers and state-of-the-art acoustic architecture.

Other headphones add extra compression or boost low end to artificially raise the thrill of their sound, but these RDE headphones don’t. This is especially useful for music fans and audio professionals who rely on a clean, unbiased version of a song, podcast, audio recording, or other work to evaluate it. The NTH-100s’ presentation is like having another set of untinted ears aiding you with your recording, whether you’re in a studio or at home. Of course, all that wonderful music becomes a lot less wonderful if your headphones don’t fit properly on your ears. The NTH-100s were designed with comfort and ease of usage in the forefront of their minds.

The mix of sturdy materials, such as stainless steel, soft suede-like Alcantara fabric, and even cooling gel, allows these headphones to fit securely on your head and cool your ears as you work. The NTH-100s are “an impressive debut,” according to PCMag, and “audio quality is fantastic, living up to Rde’s high standards,” according to TechRadar. Because the RDE NTH-100 headphones combine a premium brand with outstanding materials, stellar comfort, and next-level sound reproduction, it’s not surprising that they cost $300-$500. It’s too tempting a combo to pass up for $149.99.