Start Your Career Designing Games for Just $49

Start Your Career Designing Games for Just $49

Are you an avid gamer? Want to make a profession out of your love of fantastic games? Just take a peek at the flourishing indie gaming industry that is dominating the market! Small, independent gaming studios and even individuals working alone on their passion projects have produced some of the finest games in recent years. Take advantage of our promotion on School of Game Design: Lifetime Membership for only $49 if you’re interested in starting the process of becoming a game designer! That is a 17 percent reduction from our already low pricing!

You will save $10 on lifetime access to a vast collection of instructional films that walk you through the process of creating your own video games, usually $59! The School of Game Creation contains hundreds of hours on game design software like Unity3D, covering everything from fundamental principles to cutting-edge methods! 

The training videos are simple to follow along with and cover computer modeling and animation techniques for both 2D and 3D games. Not to mention that you will get limitless access to royalty-free game graphics and textures worth thousands of dollars, which will make the process of releasing your own game much simpler. You can receive all of this with a lifetime membership to the School of Game Design for only $49!

With applications that can display some spectacular work, like our very own solar system, you’ll learn how to engage in computer modeling! Reviewers gave School of Game Design 4.5 out of 5 stars, which is just what you need to get going! You’ll be studying from professionals with more than 20 years of game design expertise while saving 17% on the School of Game Design: Lifetime Membership! Because the School of Game Design lifetime subscription is now available for just $49, act quickly.

Gamer at heart? Wish to create your own video games? The best place to start is the School of Game Design. The School of Game Design offers courses for developers of all skill levels guided by knowledgeable professors, allowing you to study game development and design at your own speed and providing you with access to a huge library of step-by-step training videos. Lifetime subscription to The School of Game Design will guarantee that you constantly stay current on the most recent developments in the industry, covering everything from the very beginnings to using sophisticated techniques with Unity3D and much more.