The ‘zombie storm’ is rising from the dead during Halloween

The ‘zombie storm’ is rising from the dead during Halloween
The tropical storm Paulette only came back to life in the East Atlantic. The revival comes just days after storm trackers released their last update about Paulette. But you can’t make a storm like Paulette – it’ll come back as a zombie.

“Bokchander” is not a technical title, just a nickname for the storm that comes out, when the conditions allow it to only return from among the dead. For tropical storms to form (or re-emerge) favorable wind conditions, large amounts of warm and humid air and warm seawater are required. It also needs the general structure of a tropical storm with a warm center and a lack of cold or warm fronts. This is the structure that Paulette briefly lost last week, resulting in her untimely “death”. In other news, the National Weather Service, like the rest of us, is clearly tired this year.

The “zombie storm” is a tropical storm that resurfaces after Peter is out; basically, they just won’t die. The same thing happened to Hurricane Paulette, which made landfall in Bermuda on September 14 as a Category 1 storm, losing momentum and getting stronger in only two divisions before dying, only on Sept. 26, to pop up 482 kilometers (300 miles). That’s it!

Paulette was already in an unusual company. This is the second hurricane season in the Atlantic where five active tropical cyclones formed at once this September, the second time in record history. Atlantic Ocean tropical storms are caused by a mixture of warm waters near Africa and westerly winds that help them cross the ocean toward America. If there is no supply of warm water and air, they do so, but the temperate waters of the Caribbean usually retain them, albeit briefly, until they die. However, if the conditions are favorable for hurricanes, they do not necessarily die and already climate change makes the hurricane season warmer, stronger, and longer, forcing these storms to rejoin the living land more often.

Two more Halloween-friendly events in October: two very nice neats by the moon. The so-called Harvest Moon is the closest full moon to the ocean floor in the autumn, which occurred on September 22nd. Visible tonight after sunset near the horizon, the moon will also join Mars which will look very bright and very red because the distance between Earth and the red planet is now very short – the reason why all Mars travels this summer.

According to CNN meteorologist Brandon, 2020 is a good time to experience a zombie storm, because the water temperature is higher than average for most parts of the Atlantic Ocean and obviously we are seeing a record number of storms – which could increase the chances of anyone resurfacing. Miller, according to Brandon, Come Halloween, there will be a rare second full moon in the same month, it is known as a Blue Moon, which occurs every 2.5-2 years. Since this is 2020, you can expect everything that happened to happen at once, like “Once on the Blue Moon”, so folks, for now, October could be a smelly journey.