Uncovered Sony Patent for NFT and Blockchain Technology

Uncovered Sony Patent for NFT and Blockchain Technology

Sony appears to be researching blockchain and NFT technologies for monitoring in-game assets in video games, according to a released patent.

The patent is titled Tracking Unique In-Game Digital Assets Using Tokens on a Distributed Ledger, according to Eurogamer, and the accompanying diagram outlines the mechanics for keeping track of changes in the ownership, outward appearance, or metadata of digital assets. According to the patent, the digital assets may include in-game objects or characters as well as gameplay sequences.

One of the main concepts behind NFTs is described in the Sony patent as technology that could track the history of an in-game item as it is transferred from player to player. There is no way to distinguish one instance of an in-game item that a well-known video game player used to win a prestigious tournament from any other instance of the in-game item, Sony claimed in the patent.

People find it “meaningful” to own or use distinctive items connected to well-known celebrities or pursuits, according to the patent description.

It’s important to note that PlayStation applied for this patent in July 2021, before greater controversy over NFTs gained traction.

At EVO 2022, PlayStation had previously dipped its toe into the NFT scene. PlayStation asked players in a player survey what kinds of NFTs they would be interested in purchasing. NFTs based on Evo, musicians, esports, PlayStation goods, and beloved video game characters were among the list of potential responses.

A type of digital collectible is included in Sony’s new PlayStation Stars rewards program, but the company insisted that the rewards are “definitely not NFTs” because “you can’t trade them or sell them.”

Beyond PlayStation, NFT rumors have dominated the 2022 news cycle for video games. A crypto/NFT wallet was introduced by GameStop, and EA is still researching the technology. A number of studios have come out against NFTs, and both Minecraft and many developers have vowed not to use NFTs or blockchain technology.