The Best Ultrawide OLED is Acer’s Slender Predator X45

The Best Ultrawide OLED is Acer’s Slender Predator X45

After a long wait, OLED gaming displays are finally finding their footing at the beginning of 2023. Consider the storied Predator series from Acer. The X27U and X45, two new models that will be released later this year, will bring OLED’s vivid colors and quick refresh rate to two of the most widely used 1440p resolution ranges. The monitors are (surprise) a 45-inch ultrawide and a 27-inch monitor. Just before CES, this announcement will be made.

The X45 is unquestionably the more dramatic of the two. It has a 45-inch, 34401440 resolution panel, which is a very common gaming resolution on a huge scale. The 800R curve, which is as rounded as you can get without trying to tickle your ears, is even more striking. (Although Dell and Asus sell comparable displays in less extreme curved designs, that kind of super-round curve vertex certainly isn’t for everyone.)

Although the OLED panel’s 98.5 percent DCI-Pr color gamut falls short of graphic design standards, its 240Hz refresh rate and.01ms reaction time should be more than adequate for even the most strenuous gaming sessions. The display’s maximum brightness is 1,000 nits, it supports AMD’s FreeSync technology (but not Nvidia’s hardware-based G-Sync), and it has an inbuilt USB-C KVM switch so you can go from your laptop to your desktop computer quickly.

The X27U is a flat 27-inch 25601440 screen with a less obtrusive design that should fit more areas and budgets. However, its connections and technology are essentially the same. Both monitors feature extremely thin bezels and sleeker, tripod-style display supports. Although China will receive them a little early, the sales start in Q2 2023 (about between April and June). Predator X27U will set you back $1,099, while Predator X45 will set you back $1,699.