Uses of Amines

Uses of Amines

Amines have many functions in an assortment of everyday functions. Many amines are used in industries for pest control and tanning of leather. The amine Aniline finds appliance in the manufacturing of man-made dyes. Many vitamins are also built from amino acids. Some amines, such as methamphetamines and amphetamines, are popular recreational drugs.

Uses of amines:

1. Methyl amine:

  • As refrigerant
  • As hair-remover in tanneries.
  • Production of choline chloride which is used in poultry feeds.
  • Production of different dyes, drugs, artificial detergents & quarternary compounds.

2. Ethyl amine:

  • Production of emulsifier & detergents.
  • Production of various dyes & stainless chemicals
  • As a reducing agent in the laboratory.

3. Di-methyl amine:

  • As hair remover in tannery industries & in rubber vulcanization.
  • Quaternary salts produced from it, are used in the production of detergents. An important example of it is; N-hexadecyl tri-methyl ammonium chloride.

4. Hexa-methylene di-amine:

  • Production of synthetic fibers, e.g. Nylon-66.

5. Phenyl amine:

  • Production of different dyes & polymers
  • As a solvent in some cases
  • In the rubber industry & in production of drugs e.g. sulfa drugs (sulfanilamide)

6. N-methyl phenyl amine:

  • Production of different dyes, e.g. methyl orange.

7. Di-phenyl amine:

  • Production of dies
  • Production of different explosives

8. Diazonium salt:

  • Synthesis of aromatic compounds
  • Synthesis of azo-dyes
  • Synthesis of phenylhydrazine
  • Dying of cotton cloths.

9. Dyes

Aromatic amines are mostly used as a preliminary material for the production of azo dyes. As azo-compounds are very colored, they are used largely in dyeing industries, like; Methyl orange, Direct brown 138, Sunset yellow FCF and Ponceau.

10. Drugs

Many drugs are designed for mimicking or to interfere with the action of natural amine neurotransmitters, can be exemplified by the amine drugs:

  • Chlorpheniramine is an antihistamine which helps to alleviate allergic disorders caused due to cold, hay fever, itchy skin, insect bites and stings.
  • Chlorpromazine is a tranquilizer which sedates without reminding sleep. It is used to reduce nervousness, enthusiasm, impatience and sometimes even mental disorder.
  • Ephedrine and Phenylephrine in form of amine hydrochlorides are used as decongestants.

Role of amine in life’s survival:

Amines play a significant role in the continued existence of life – they are involved in the formation of amino acids, the construction blocks of proteins in living beings.