Explain Physical Properties of Benzene

Explain Physical Properties of Benzene

Benzene is the main aromatic hydrocarbon.

Physical Properties of Benzene:

(i) Colorless, volatile liquid with special odour and it is more toxic & carcinogenic

(ii) Specific gravity : 0.88; lighter than water.

(iii) It is a good solvent for fat, wax, sulpher, resin etc.

(iv) M.P. –> 5.40°C, B.P–> 480.4°C

(v) Insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvent.

(vi) During combustion, it produces black flame.

Industrial Manufacture of Benzene from Coal: When coal is destructively (1000-12000C absence of air) distilled, four fractions are obtained: Coal gas, coal tar etc. The gaseous portion obtained by destructive distillation of coal is called coal gas & the liquid portion is called light oil.