Using AI-written Essays, a Redditor Claims to be Achieving Straight A’s in School

Using AI-written Essays, a Redditor Claims to be Achieving Straight A’s in School

It seemed inevitable that someone would try to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) systems to cheat on assignments since some of them are capable of writing phrases good enough to reportedly persuade a Google engineer that it is sentient. One Redditor claims that this has already happened, and they and their friends have all received As.

Redditor Urdadgirl69 stated on the Open AI subreddit, “I have been using this program for quite some time and only recently came up with the idea to utilize it to write essays, answer questions on movies and books for school projects, and much more.” “Although I still feel a bit bad about it, I don’t really care anymore. I have been “doing” other classmates’ homework for $100 profit for the past few weeks, and as a result, I am now regarded as brilliant. What do you think about this? Did you complete it on your own?”

People who identified themselves as teachers expressed irritation and suspicion in response to the message.

Redditor a humanlike you said, “As someone who teaches, I can state that this is something I fear. “I’d resign if I found out my pupils were turning in papers that had been prepared by an AI. It is a terribly depressing waste of my life to grade something that an AI created. While I’m grading papers over the weekend, my kid could use my attention. Consider what you’re doing.”

Others agreed, saying it’s a great method to avoid learning anything from the task. But is it realistic? We’re going to say maybe, but it’s unlikely to be significantly more effective than learning and writing on your own given the amount of fact-checking and structure and argument modification required.

The user claims that after the AI has completed the majority of the labor-intensive tasks, they fact-check the text the AI has generated, as well as rephrase and shape it, before submitting it for marking.

Since quite some time, there have been programs that can produce news items, with varied degrees of success. According to a study from last year, 63–70% of people judged the AI-generated remarks to be compelling when they were written using Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3), an Open AI tool that generates intentionally biased language. When a human editor reviewed the program before it was shown to research participants, it was especially successful.

Many text-generating AIs are readily available, simple to use, and free; they even produce some rather realistic writing when given the proper cue. For instance, putting the first line of this article into a text editor produced a plausible (though slightly dubious) piece portraying the user’s attempt to steer the AI in the right direction while being acutely aware of its own limitations.

“The AI struggled to construct complete phrases, so [redditor MyCognitiveAffectiveExperience (MCAE)] had to correct it repeatedly. It was “very challenging to keep the bot on topic,” the redditor added. The AI’s constant attempts to transition to various sections of the essay as it was being written, however, was the major issue “SudoWrite wrote anything.

The broad topic of the essay was maintained by the bot thanks to MCAE, however, the points were not maintained.