Weird Road Sign Doesn’t Point To Deadly Squid Game, Police Assure Drivers

Weird Road Sign Doesn’t Point To Deadly Squid Game, Police Assure Drivers

Thames Valley Police in the United Kingdom took to Twitter this week to reassure motorists that a fairly cryptic road sign would not bring them to Squid Game, regardless of whether they desired a plastic pig full of cash or not. The sign, which is made up of three shapes, was put up to alert traffic to a diversion route while roadwork was being done, but it might raise some eyebrows among passing box set bingers.

When the popular Netflix TV show Squid Game grabbed the world by storm, the modest triangle, square, and circle underwent a makeover. Millions of people tuned in to see the show, which went on to become Netflix’s biggest premiere ever, knocking Bridgerton off the top spot. For its audience, it is a bit of a change of pace.

A card with a circle, triangle, and square has used as an invitation to the possibly fatal Squid Game in the program. As a result, the triangle, square, circular road sign could only have fooled amateur fans.

The authorities in the United Kingdom have assured the public that a highway sign would not take them to the “Squid Game” location. This follows the discovery of a sign that bears an uncanny resemblance to a symbol from the Netflix show. A card with the circle, triangle, and square emblem is handed to people who are invited to participate in “Squid Game’s” deathmatch.

Drivers in the United Kingdom who were concerned that a road sign may be guiding them to the site of a “Squid Game” deathmatch can relax. On October 12, the Thames Valley Police in the United Kingdom sent a tweet explaining that a road sign seen on its roadways was not alerting cars to the location of lethal children’s activities.

The Thames Valley Police tweeted, “We can confirm that following this signage from the M4 Junction 5 will not lead you to the hit Netflix series Squid Game.” “It’s just directions for detour routes during the roadworks… phew!” says the narrator.

“Squid Game” is a hugely popular South Korean Netflix series that debuted in September and quickly became the most-watched show in the company’s history. The show follows 456 people as they compete in a series of violent and deadly children’s games in the hopes of winning cash reward that will help them get out of debt.