What tools are used for Enterprise Collaboration System?

What tools are used for Enterprise Collaboration System?

Enterprise collaboration systems are a cross-functional information system that enhances communication, coordination, and collaboration among the members of business teams and workgroups. It is an information system used to facilitate efficient sharing of documents and knowledge between teams and individuals in an enterprise. It describes how people cooperate and communicate across and further than their work environment.

Various tools for enterprise collaboration:

There are basically three types of tools for enterprise collaboration. These are as follows –

  1. Electronic communication tools: These tools enable a person to electronically send messages, document, and files in data, text, voice or multimedia over a computer network. For example, e-mail, faxing etc.
  2. Electronic conferencing tools: These tools help people communicate and collaborate while working together i.e. video conferencing, chat system etc.
  3. Collaborative work management tools: These tools help people accomplish on: manage group work activities; i.e. workflow system.