Why are we still dating LinkedIn in 2021?

Why are we still dating LinkedIn in 2021?

Hello and equity, welcome back to the capital-centric podcast of the TechCrunch’s initiative, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. Natasha, Danny, Alex, and Grace all came here to chat through the biggest technical event of the week. Before we head to this week’s show, check out all the news here about how equity is expanding and becoming something more in 2021! We went beyond hyped about it.

We had to cut from the note dock to take the shape of the show after this national wild week. Therefore, here is the key:

  • Coinbase filed to go public. Alex wrote about its S-1 filing here, and Danny riffed on a fascinating nuance regarding its cap table here.
  • Hopin is raising more money, at an even larger valuation. Every time we cover the latest version of this story, we think it must be the last time. Then it happens again. So, check back here in October for when Hopin raises again.
  • Reddit also picked up more money. Again, our take is that the capital must mean that Reddit is a better business than we anticipated.
  • Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian backed a new community tool proving the monetary value of the community. That led us into a conversation about a professional network for independent workers that are competing with LinkedIn, and a collaborative workspace for interior design fans.
  • Toast said to be on the road to an IPO, so we riffed on what Olo’s IPO can tell us about the Boston-based unicorn.
  • Shippo raised more money after a big 2020; can the company double again in 2021?
  • Finix raised $3 million through an SPV filled with more than 80 Black and LatinX investors.

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