Artificial Vegetative Reproduction

Artificial Vegetative Reproduction

Artificial vegetative reproduction: It is the creation of new life by other than the natural means available to an organism.

Cutting: This is placing part of a stem containing nodes or internodes in water or moist soil in order to produce new plants

  • Branch cutting- It can be done by keeping in soil, water or sand. Layering or formation of roots to adjacent organs.
  • Rooting Cuttings: A cutting is a portion of a parent plant severed completely from the parent and induced to root.

Grafting: This process of attaching part of a stem from one plant onto the root of another plant

Budding: This technique is useful when you want to take advantage of the strengths of a rootstock like resistance to certain diseases or a dwarfing habit as well as the fruiting, flowering or another strength of the parent plant

Layering: It encourages the formation of roots on a parent plant to form new plants before detaching that section from the parent.