Define Carbohydrate with Classification and Function

Carbohydrate: The organic compounds, consisting of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen in which the ratio of hydrogen and oxygen is 2:1 are said to be carbohydrates. The formula for carbohydrate used commonly is Cx(H2O)y where the value of x and y can be different or indifferent, such as-

Glucose- C6 H12 O6 Value of x and is indifferent)

Sucrose- C12 H22 O11 (Value of x and is different)

Classification of carbohydrate: carbohydrate is of three types, such as-

  1. Monosaccharide
  2. Oligosaccharide
  3. Polysaccharide

Functions of carbohydrate in plants:

50 to 80% of the dry weight of most of the plants is carbohydrate. Functions of carbohydrate are as follows:

  1. Carbohydrate acts as a source of energy.
  2. It acts as a structural element of the supporting tissue of plants
  3. It creates the carbon skeleton of the building materials of plant bodies.