Finally, an Issue That Crippled Gamers’ GPUs has Been Fixed in Windows 11

Finally, an Issue That Crippled Gamers’ GPUs has Been Fixed in Windows 11

Microsoft has finally published a fix for Windows 11 to address bugs that have limited certain PC gamers’ ability to play games.

Users’ GPU performance was throttled by the bug, which appeared after the Windows 11 2H22 upgrade, due to a rogue debugging feature that started operating improperly.

Following the upgrade, gamers complained about “very unsteady” frame rates in their games, and many of them decided to revert to Windows 11’s earlier release in order to resume their optimal gaming performance. Microsoft advised “updating your games and gaming-related programs to the latest version available” at the time, but that was never going to solve the problem because the operating system was the root of the problem.

Microsoft finally resolved the problem around a month ago, and it’s included in Windows 11 KB5020044, which also includes a number of bug fixes and feature improvements.

The update “addresses an issue that affects various games and applications,” according to Microsoft’s release notes. The GPU performance debugging features are involved in this issue. The predicted gaming performance is lowered as a result.

OneDrive storage notifications and a visual indicator of your overall OneDrive storage space within the Settings app are two more features of the upgrade. The update fixes a problem that prevents some apps from starting, and users should no longer experience File Explorer crashes when closing menus.

The “suspension of daylight saving time (DST) in the Republic of Fiji for this year” is one of the resolutions that deal with more specialized topics. very good to know You’ll be able to print using Microsoft Edge in landscape mode once more.

The official blog article from Microsoft includes a link to the complete changelog. Currently, in preview, it should soon be available to all users via Windows Update. We’ll keep an eye on this one because some Twitter users have already reported that the upgrade doesn’t adequately address the GPU bug.