Gap Year Student Secures Last Open Seat for Blue Origin’s First Human Spaceflight

Gap Year Student Secures Last Open Seat for Blue Origin’s First Human Spaceflight

Hello and welcome to the Daily Crunch for July 15, 2021, the Flat-Out is going to be amazing, frankly, so watch out. Also, the latest EC-1 has just been dropped. So if you want to get the internal scoop in CockroachDB, well, we only have the additions for you. – Alex

  • The Unicorn Aurora of Autonomous Vehicles is going public: Unicorn Aurora of Autonomous Vehicles is being made public through a spec, just as TechCrunch was scooped out earlier. The company will support the $13 billion valuations when it starts trading. Recall that Aurora had previously exploited Uber’s self-driving car unit at an estimated $10 billion.
  • Revolt is now valued at $ 33B: US-based Neobank Revolt has scored a combined $800 million, valued at $33 billion for the company. The company’s new valuation was worth it in early 2020. Why is it worth so much today? TechCrunch has been exploring the subject a bit.
  • Valve is making gaming hardware: Yes, the people behind the Steam gaming store are entering the hand-hold gaming market. Their device, the Steam Deck, will cost $399 and will have “a quad-core Zen2 CPU, AMD RDNA2 graphics and 16GB of RAM” for our own Brian Heater. If you want more storage, be prepared to shell out up to $ 649 for a handheld computer.

The venture capital market has been on fire lately, resulting in a quick-fire deal and more goals than journalists can cover. 

But if you’re still in the market to raise capital, you’ll want to listen to Lisa U from Norwest, who has a few tips that might prove effective. Think like a VC when you go out to rise.

  • $20M for Financial Data Extraction: Dalopa closed at an eight-figure series led by Next Investors in Credit Suisse Asset Management to help financially avoid “repetitive data extraction” to gather insights for financial analysis and forecasting. The deal stood in front of us at its obvious corporate venture capital (CVC) corner; CVCs have been more active in recent times than ever before.
  • Amex removes its toes in financial planning: Today’s news broke that credit giant American Express invested in Bodswell last year through the hands of its venture. Now the credit card company has teamed up with the startup to “launch a pilot of its first self-service digital financial planning tool”. Talk about an early customer for Bodswell.