Identifying Characteristics of Liliaceae Family

Identifying characteristics of the family Liliaceae:

(i) Plant: Monocot, perennial, shrub, rarely creepers.

(ii) Stem: Bulb, underground modified stem.

(iii) Root: Fibrous root growing from the lower pan of stem.

(iv) Leaf: Simple, alternate. parallel venation.

(v) Flower: Trimerous, Inflorescence umbel.

(vi) Perianth: Petaloid, 3+3, 3 in each row.

(vii) Androecium: Stamens 6; three in each row.

(viii) Gynoecium: Carpel-3, united, ovary, superior

(ix) Placentation: Axile

(x) Fruit: Capsule

Example: Allium cepa.