Internet applications provide business value to Company and Customers

Internet applications provide business value to Company and Customers

The Internet is a rapidly growing network of millions of business education and research and network connecting hundreds of millions of computers and they are users in over two hundred countries.

The Internet-based applications that can give strategic business value and competitive advantages to a company.

Global dissemination: Global dissemination provides strategic business value in the increased cost saving and efficiently of global communications, and ability to risk, sell and provide customer services to new or expanded international markets.

Interaction: Interaction communication is another key capability of the internet. It enables efficient feedback from customers and responses from customer support specialists.

Customization: The ability to automatically provide information and services customized to an individual customer or user is a strategic business capability of the internet, intranets, and extranets. Thus, efficient, low cost, and interactive target marketing to an individual customer for a prospect is an e-business value of internet technologies.

Collaboration: This enhances the collaboration process among terms, work groups, and business partners, and thus provides strategic business value to a company.

Electronic commerce: The internet has become a technology platform for electronic commerce. The internet along with intranets and extranets links companies to their customers and suppliers, and thus enables them to electronically market, sell, buy and support product and services.

Integration: The internet worked enterprise integrates its external online activities with its internal business process. This provides more detailed, up-to-date information that can be used to support electronic commerce application.