Male Reproductive System of Roundworm

The male reproductive system consists of a testis, sperm duct, seminal vesicle and an ejaculatory duct. The testis is formed like a coil and occupies a greater portion of the body. The sperm duct is located behind and the bulky posterior part is the seminal vesicle. It later opens into the cloacal aperture. They have a pair of penial setae. Male roundworm discharges sperms through the cloacal aperture.


Fig: Male Reproductive System of roundworm

Excretory System: Excretion is the process of discharging unwanted nitrogenous waste materials from the body. The structure of the excretory system of roundworm is very simple. The system consists of two-long tubes at the two sides of the body against the lateral lines. Meeting together at the other end, the two tubes open outside through the excretory pore or cloacal aperture.

Reproductive System: The roundworm is a unisexual animal. Generally, the male worm is smaller in size than the female and the posterior part of its body is bent.