Moving Charge

Moving Charge

Moving Charge

We know that current is produced due to the flow of charges. Again, a magnetic field is produced when current flows through a conductor. So, it can be said that moving charge creates a magnetic field.

Magnitude and direction of the Magnetic force on a charge moving in a magnetic field.

We know, when a charge is placed in the electric field, it experiences an electric force. Naturally, a question arises whether a charge placed in a magnetic field experience magnetic force or not. When a charged particle moves relative to a magnetic field, it will experience a force, unless it is traveling parallel to the field. The sign of the charge, the direction of the magnetic field and the direction the particle is traveling will all affect the direction of the force experienced by the particle. It produces an electric field because it’s a charged particle. But when it is at rest, it doesn’t produce a magnetic field. All of a sudden when it starts moving, it starts producing a magnetic field.

The answer is ‘yes’. But it must fulfill the following two conditions.

(1) The charge must be mobile if it is at rest no magnetic force will act on it.

(2) There must be a component of the velocity along the normal to the magnetic field.