Nervous System of Toad

The nervous system of Toad requires a central coordination arrangement to conduct different organs efficiently. The nervous system an endocrine or hormone system conducts controls and coordinates all the activities of the body of the toad. The system through which the animal response to stimuli, maintains the connections of various organs, coordinates various activities and maintains relations with the environment is called the nervous system.

The nervous system of toad can be divided into three main divisions based on the origin, structure, distribution and functions.

  1. Central nervous system
  2. Peripheral nervous system
  3. Autonomic nervous system

Central nervous system: The central nervous system consists of the brain and the spinal cord.

Peripheral nervous system: The periphery or lateral nerve originates from the lateral sides of the brain and spinal cord formed of ten pairs of cranial nerves and ten pairs of spinal nerves.

Autonomic nervous system: In the body of animals there is a kind of nerve which is not directly- controlled by the central nervous system but control independently the activities of various organs. The Autonomic Nervous system is formed with these nerves. This system is formed by a pair of sympathetic nerve cord with their branches.