On Thanksgiving, Marie-Lou Nurk, Jason Oppenheim’s Girlfriend, Will Get to Meet his Mother for the First Time

On Thanksgiving, Marie-Lou Nurk, Jason Oppenheim’s Girlfriend, Will Get to Meet his Mother for the First Time

Another significant turning point in Jason Oppenheim’s relationship with Marie-Lou Nurk has just occurred.

The Selling Sunset star revealed to PEOPLE at the 1060’s App Launch event on Thursday that the model will meet his mother for the first time in person on Thanksgiving.

Jason, 45, revealed, “She’s going to be with me with my family,” when talking about his first vacation plans with Nurk, 25, whom he had first met in July while on vacation in Mykonos, Greece, with his twin brother, Brett.

“First Christmas and Thanksgiving. She’s even scheduled to meet my mother on Thanksgiving “said he. “They have spoken on FaceTime but not in person. After Thanksgiving, we’ll attend my dad’s birthday meal.”

Jason told PEOPLE, “I’m not nervous at all” about meeting Nurk’s mother since he is confident in their compatibility.

“Both my parents really like her and I’ve met her family over FaceTime as well. Hope to meet them in person. But no, my family’s super chill. I have no concerns about my family ever or meeting Lou,” he explained.

Nurk is presently residing in Paris and is represented by Mega Model Agency. Jason claimed that his fiancée had “inspired me so much” in terms of style.

“She may have encouraged my increased interest in fashion. I enjoy discussing clothes with Lou. She assists me daily, “He informed PEOPLE. “Without showing her my attire and receiving a thumbs up, I never leave the house. She has had a huge impact, and I truly want to get more involved in high fashion. We’re having a great time with it, and I believe we’ll do some things together.”

Although they reside on different continents, Jason stated that despite this, they “haven’t had to deal with the long-distance component” and added, “It’s not something I look forward to.”

“It’s not far away right now. Since we first met, we’ve actually been together every day “said he. “I’ve never been in a relationship that was long distance. We’ll see, even this one hasn’t been that far away. We’ll figure it out. I am aware of that. We’ll figure things out.”

Jason, Nurk, Brett, and Amanza Smith, who they all worked with on the Selling Sunset television series, attended the 1060 app launch party at The Penthouse in West Hollywood.

According to the company, the new software created for the real estate sector offers an endless stream of the most beautiful homes and apartments through brief digital movies.

“I believe there are many foreign buyers of real estate these days. They will desire to watch videos, “Jason made the technique known to PEOPLE. “Photos don’t fully convey the scale and layout of an object. They frequently use wide-angle lenses, making the yards and bedrooms appear larger than they actually are.”

He went on, “The consumers are not expecting the videos to be flawlessly curated. They merely want to check the property’s veracity and applicability. And the app accomplishes that. Short-form videos achieve this. In terms of what purchasers are looking for when they buy a property, I wouldn’t be shocked if videos truly overtake images in the following five years.”