Services to Consumers

Services to Consumers

Services to Consumers

Some of the important services of retailers from the point of view of consumers are as follows :

(i) Regular availability of products: The most important service of a retailer to consumers is to maintain regular availability of various products produced by different manufacturers.

(ii) New products information: By arranging for effective display of products and through their personal selling efforts, retailers provide important information about the arrival, special features, etc., of new products to the customers.

(iii) Convenience in buying: Retailers generally buy goods in large quantities and sell these in small quantities, according to the requirements of their customers.

(iv) Wide selection: Retailers generally keep 0stock of a variety of products of different manufacturers. This enables the consumers to make their choice out of a wide selection of goods.

(v) After-sales services: Retailers provide important after-sales services in the form of home delivery, supply of spare parts and attending to customers.

(vi) Provide credit facilities: The retailers sometimes provide credit facilities to their regular buyers. This enables the latter to increase their level of consumption and, thereby, their standard of living.