Stunning new Periscope Zoom Camera to Be Found in Xiaomi 13 Ultra: Tipster

Stunning new Periscope Zoom Camera to Be Found in Xiaomi 13 Ultra: Tipster

In China, the Xiaomi 13 series was introduced earlier this month. However, the business normally also releases a high-end Ultra model of its numbered series, therefore the flagship series is not yet over. Currently, a fresh leak has disseminated some intriguing information about the impending Xiaomi 13 Ultra model.

According to tipster Kartikey Singh, the next Ultra version of the Chinese tech giant’s most recent flagship series will have an entirely new and enhanced periscope camera on the back. The new periscope camera on the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, according to the tip, “will stun everyone.” In other words, it is obvious that the company is attempting to offer some amazing features or performance with this zoom lens. The Ultra series of smartphones from the firm are some of its most expensive models and come equipped with some of its greatest cameras.

So, the news isn’t really shocking. The 12s Ultra edition from a year ago was released with the Sony IMX989 sensor, which had a sizable 1-inch sensor size. Singh continued, “Since previous two years, no one has been able to match Samsung in long magnification Zoom, which has made Samsung lazy and they are currently utilizing the same hardware for three generations, but next year things will start turning around and this monopoly will end.”

In other words, the new optical zoom module may provide better, sharper images while simultaneously providing more magnification. Samsung still dominates the market with its telephoto cameras, but it may soon have a strong rival. Unfortunately, this is all we are aware of about the periscope camera on the Xiaomi 13 Ultra. So keep checking back for additional information on this.