Uses of Toluene

Uses of Toluene

Uses of Toluene

Toluene has many uses in a lot of commercial products and industrial applications.

(i) Suitable solvent for resin, dye, burnish and plastic.

(ii) Used as raw material for aromatic compound.

(iii) It has anti-knocking property.

(iv) Used as a dry cleaning solvent for woolen clothing’s.

(v) For the preparation of the.

(vi) Used in saccharine (obtained from coal tar) preparation. The chemical name of saccharine is Ortho Sulpho Benzamide.

(vii) Used in the production of an explosive substances called T.N.T (tri-nitro toluene).

(viii) Toluene is a very good solvent because, unlike water, it can dissolve many organic compounds.

(ix) In many commercial products, toluene is used as a solvent that is present in paint thinners, nail polish remover, glues, and correction fluid.

Toluene can be dangerous when its fumes are inhaled, causing neurological damage and intoxication.