Ways to Overcome the Problems of State Enterprise

Ways to Overcome the Problems of State Enterprise

Ways to Overcome the Problems of State Enterprise

If the state gets the ownership on continual at any business directly or indirectly incest it that business is called as the state enterprise. The business controlled or operated by the government is known as a state enterprise.

State enterprises of mostly developing and underdeveloped countries are suffered from many problems. Because of these problems state enterprises existence is in trouble situation of these enterprises which is an obstacle to the prosperity of the national economy. As a result, economic development and Property stopped in the country and nation should be protected from this odd situation. To get rid of these problems following means or ways can be taken.

Determination of specific goal: Determination of specific goals is must in every state enterprise. So, some organization should be operated for public welfare, some should be operated for both public welfare and profit and same should be operated for only profit to achieve the goals. Proper observation is needed and if a deviation occurs controlling method must be applied.

Proper planning: For development and proper management of state enterprises should prepare an appropriate plan. But planning has to be determined properly because no work can be done with a wrong plan. So before planning, information should be collected properly then prepare the plan for the development of state enterprises.

Establishment of rules and discipline: No discipline is maintained in management and operations the state enterprise but this situation should be changed. Every officers and employee should be followed rules and regulations and it is must to observe by the top management. Then the state enterprises will be developed with the development of the country.

Removing of evil political influence: State enterprises should be free from political influence so that productions of the organization don’t get blocked and strike and lockout in the workplace will not be tolerated in the organization. To protect the organization from this situation government should have effective actions and organization will be profitable.

Removal of bureaucratic management: the management of state enterprises depends on government employees who have a very little business knowledge. The government should come forward be changed rules and regulations and should free from the highly negative bureaucratic management.

Taking rapid decision: Taking rapid decision is the must in every department and in every matter of state enterprises. Delay in making a decision will create the slow environment and achieving objectives will be obstructed.

Increasing accountability: The employees of the state organizations should give the explanation for their activities which increase acceptability systems of the organization. The state enterprises should be introduced who will do, how much work, which will give explanation these things then the organizational good will be achieved easily.

At last, we can say that to solve problems of state enterprises government should be taken above-mentioned ways or means are really needed otherwise problems will increase and slowly these organizations will be removed. By taking above initiatives state enterprises can be saved from destruction. These ways will riot only save the state enterprises it will also save the nation from the ill effect of these enterprises.