What is Internet?

Internet is the ‘network’ of networks or the ‘mother of all networks’. It is an international network that has connected more than 400000 small networks of different countries. The American defence division has introduced intemet in 1969. Internet is such a group of networks which is made of numerous computers, modems and telephone lines.

These elements are mutually connected to one another physically. These networks are able to exchange any kind of information or data among themselves. Internet is the sum of many networks and they work as a single network all together.


We can browse website, send and receive e-mail, make video conferencing through internet. We can gossip, book tickets of bus, train and plane, can perform electronic trade and commerce, e-banking and shopping through internet. We can send and receive any file or document electronically. In addition, we can find millions of books, journals, magazines of the online libraries, read them if necessary and print them by downloading.