Dead Space Launch Trailer Showcases Horror Remake and Detailed Side Missions

Dead Space Launch Trailer Showcases Horror Remake and Detailed Side Missions

Motive Studio released its launch teaser a day or two ahead of the Dead Space remake’s January 27 release date. This new video combines clips from many game areas, including some hazy views of the final boss.

It provides players with a preview of the rebuilt environments and locations that may look familiar but are actually far more detailed, as has been the case with the other game trailers. A close-up of Isaac Clarke’s face, which is also the face of his actor Gunner Wright, may be seen in this trailer in particular.

Additionally, Electronic Arts published an article on the game’s narrative and the writing process. The team discussed how it updated some components to be more in line with later media around the series, got rid of some out-of-date material, and developed some existing characters. For instance, the evil Dr. Challus Mercer and Isaac’s girlfriend Nicole now have more personality. Additionally, the pair Jacob Cross and Elizabeth Cross, who were primarily featured in audio logs in the original (Jacob Cross was killed in front of Isaac), now receive more screen time.

This was done to give them more character so that players could relate to them better. New side quests that some of them can be investigated in will also demonstrate the ship’s “descent into chaos a little bit further” Senior game writer Jo Berry claimed that while the basic structure of the tale is mostly unchanged, the context in the remake may shift and that changes to the characters would have an impact on the plot.

Berry made cryptic comments about some of these character alterations, which Creative Director Roman Campos-Oriola supported by noting that “always something new” was introduced.

There is always something new, he declared. There is always something going on, and something unexpected always happens.